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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Atlas Financial Services opened its doors under current ownership in 1997 under the name AcctCorp International. Our name was changed to Atlas Financial Services in 1999.

    Yes. Atlas Financial is HIPAA compliant and trains our staff on all Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act rules and works hard to make sure that all of our employees follow these regulations as well as being professional in all other facets of their jobs. Atlas is proactive in supplying our clients with a Business Associate Contract that meets or exceeds current HIPAA regulations.

    Atlas furnishes data to all three of the major credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.

    Atlas Financial works with a broad, diversified client base. Some of the industries that we have extensive experience in include: the entire spectrum of healthcare, property management, municipalities, law firms, athletic clubs, retail, towing, veterinary, HVAC, plumbing, sanitation, publishing, credit unions, security, automotive and a host of others.

    Yes, Atlas works with a wide variety of businesses in the commercial as well as consumer arenas.

    When a consumer disputes a bill we request they put what they are disputing in writing and send to us. We then forward the information on to our client for their response or, conversely, send the debtor the paperwork to confirm that, "Yes it is your bill." On the issue of identity theft, we ask the consumer to send us three copies of their signature, driver's license and the identity theft police report. We will do additional research on our end and, if necessary, get additional information from our client's office.

    Atlas works diligently with both debtor and client to resolve any misunderstandings.

    Atlas Financial Services has ClientAccessWeb, a state-of-the-art data access web portal that will allow our more active clients to list accounts, view balances, report direct payments and update account information.

    Consumers are able to make payments via debit/credit cards, either through the mail or over the phone. Consumers are also able to pay by check through the mail, over the phone or by making direct deposits into a bank account established expressly for that purpose or on-line. There are no extra charges for these payment options.

    Professionally. Our collectors are always civil toward debtors and follow guidelines as spelled out by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

    Yes. As a last resort and only with the approval of our client, Atlas will litigate on behalf of our client to secure payment on the monies owed.

    Atlas Financial Services is licensed in Washington and Oregon. We utilize a network of other ACA member agencies through out the country to facilitate collections in other states when necessary.

    Atlas Financial Services currently employees 12 collectors and 5 support staff. Most of the staff has been with Atlas in excess of six years. The collection staff averages over 10 years of 3rd party collection experience. All of our legal work is done in-house.

    No. Atlas pays all up-front costs for our services, including court costs and other legal fees. We work strictly on a contingency basis, so if we don't succeed on your behalf we don't get paid.